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Multiple arrests made in South Carolina

If you have ever been investigated in connection with criminal charges, you will know how distressing and exhausting it can be. Regardless of your involvement with the crimes you may have been accused of, such allegations can have a dramatic effect on your work, relationships and even your personal well-being. Furthermore, worries about possible conviction can be a significant burden.

In South Carolina, such worries may be foremost on the minds of seven people recently arrested in connection with alleged fake drug prescriptions. Agencies in Aiken County have been investigating a suspected ring involved in the production and distribution of these fake prescriptions. So far, seven arrests have been made, while four more people are being sought by authorities.

The various suspects face charges of fraudulently obtaining prescription drugs. The substances involved are thought to have been hydromorphine and oxycodone. During the investigation, a number of computers were seized by authorities, along with a number of the supposedly illegal prescriptions. It now falls to each of these individuals to contest the charges against them. If they are proven guilty, they could face fines or even jail time.

As you can imagine, law enforcement officials in South Carolina take matters like this very seriously. Unfortunately, when multiple arrests are made in this manner, it is all too easy for unconnected people to come under suspicion. If you are facing criminal charges and are worried about your defense, an attorney may be able to help. With the correct guidance, you can ensure that your side of the story is heard by the court and work toward clearing your name.

Source: The Augusta Chronicle, “7 arrested in Aiken County fake prescription bust; 4 more wanted,” Bianca Cain Johnson, June 6, 2014