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Multimillion dollar fraud charges threaten South Carolina duo

Business transactions often involve large sums of money and for some it is all too great a temptation. So when something goes wrong, or that money goes missing, people soon want answers. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to make mistakes that can ultimately appear incriminating. This in turn can lead to charges of fraud, or other forms of criminal corruption.

In South Carolina, two men have recently been indicted following suspicions of their involvement in a $6.4 million scheme stealing from Sprint. It is believed that the duo conspired with a Sprint employee in defrauding the company by generating counterfeit invoices and purchase orders. The money would then be transferred to the Sprint employee from one of several accounts connected with two communications businesses operated by the duo.

It has been suggested that the two men used their gains from the scheme, which allegedly ran for seven years, to purchase properties and sports cars. The duo, along with their apparent accomplice now face several charges, including mail and wire fraud and conspiracy to money launder. If they are found guilty, the consequences could include jail time and hefty fines.

For these men in South Carolina, the next step may be to contact an attorney, if they have not done so already. When facing federal charges, it is daunting and difficult to struggle by unaided. It is important to say the right thing and present yourself in a favorable light if you want the jury to understand your side of the story.

An attorney can help you structure your points and advise you on the best path to take. With the right guidance, you may be able to secure a sentence reduction. Better yet, if you can prove your innocence, you may be able to avoid conviction altogether.

Source: WMBF News, “2 Horry County men indicted on $6.4M fraud charges,” Brooke Holden, May 29, 2014