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Lawmaker battles charges of fraud

In South Carolina, charges of federal crimes such as fraud are taken very seriously. Unfortunately, some people fall foul of such allegations through no fault of their own. Mistakes on tax returns, missed payments and other such errors can all come into play in a fraud charge. The consequences of a conviction can be severe, so it is important to know how to contest such allegations before they can impact your future.

In New York, a Republican lawmaker and member of U.S. Congress has been caught in a battle to prove his innocence of several federal charges. The former FBI agent and marine stands accused of wire, mail and tax fraud. However, he claims these charges are the result of a political witch hunt and has asserted his integrity. Consequently, he has pleaded not guilty to the 20-count indictment.

The alleged fraud is suggested to have begun in 2007. Amongst the accusations are reports of the lawmaker paying workers in cash in order to avoid taxes. Other accounts suggest that he received illegal campaign donations, some of which are said to have been passed via straw donors.

New York’s head of FBI denounced the congressman’s claims of innocence, calling him a liar and a cheat. If convicted, these charges could spell the end of his career, not to mention possible fines or even jail time. The allegations alone pose a severe threat to his reputation, as is often the case with such charges.

This may be happening in another state, but residents of South Carolina can certainly learn from it. If you are facing charges for fraud or other white collar crimes, you need to act quickly to protect your reputation. Proving your innocence may be a long process, but it is vital if you wish to avoid legal repercussions. A knowledgeable attorney may be able to help you seek justice and protect your good name.

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