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Jail time given to 90-year-old man over drug charges

Drug allegations can have a devastating effect on your reputation and your day-to-day life. Even if you are simply under investigation, these allegations can cause strains in your home relationships and even cost you your job. Drug charges are taken very seriously in South Carolina and in the rest of the nation, and it only takes one lapse of judgment to land you in serious trouble. Such was the case with a 90-year-old man who has recently been sentenced to three years in jail.

The Indiana man is said to have transported cocaine into Michigan for a fee of more than $1 million. Purportedly working for a Mexican drug organization, he is one of 19 people that were brought into criminal proceedings in the case. He has not attempted to deny his involvement and has instead chosen to apologize for his actions. The former soldier, who earned a Bronze Star in World War II, is known in his local community for his prize-winning daylilies.

His attorney has pointed out that the elderly man’s dementia may have been a factor in his decision. He has also reminded authorities of the level of care the 90-year-old will require from the prison. The accused has mentioned a desire to pay the government fine he has been assessed by growing papayas at his Florida property. Unfortunately, the land is being seized by the government and is due to be sold.

The penalties for this man could have been far more severe, as guidelines suggest a minimum sentence of 14 years for the charges laid against him. The man may have been fighting this battle in another state, but its message applies to people in South Carolina. Even if you are to be convicted of a drug crime, there are several things you may be able to do to increase your chances of reducing your sentence. An attorney may be able to guide you through the process and advise you on the best course of action.

Source: WISTV, “Man, 90, gets 3-year prison sentence for drugs,” Ed White, May 7, 2014