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Federal agents apprehend South Carolina man on drug charges

Federal charges can leave a mark on your record that is difficult to ignore. Even if they don’t lead to a conviction, you may be greatly affected by the worry and strain associated with any criminal investigation. From fines to jail time, the penalties for federal crimes can be severe, as has become all too apparent to a South Carolina man facing federal drug charges.

The 46-year-old man was interrogated on suspicion of his involvement in the sale of a drug often known as spice or bath salts. He stands accused of conducting the transactions from his business, Alibaba’s Pipe Emporium LLC. A search of establishments owned by the man in Lexington County and Irmo reputedly turned up several packets of the illegal substance, identified as Black Diamond. It has been suggested that the accused’s employees were selling the substance through the business.

As a result, the charges against him include conspiring with others in the possession and distribution of controlled substances. The indictment pursues his forfeiture of a sum of $405,000. Furthermore, if he is found guilty, he could face up to 20 years in prison. It is likely that his employees could also face investigation on related charges.

If you face such an investigation in South Carolina, you could be in for a lengthy journey. While the case is ongoing, you might suffer suspension from your job, or even experience disapproval or persecution from those around you. This is why it is essential to take decisive action to defend your reputation. An attorney may be able to help you challenge the charges against you, or at least win a reduction in sentence if you face conviction.

Source: WJCL News, “S.C. man charged in federal court for ‘bath salt’ sales,” Chris Buchanan, May 20, 2014