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South Carolina sheriff fights back against misconduct charges

Facing a criminal charge of any scale can put a great strain on both you and your family. The process of building a strong defense can often be drawn out and exhausting. However, it is also essential because a conviction can have serious implications for your future. In South Carolina, a Chesterfield County sheriff facing multiple charges is looking forward to presenting his response to career-ending allegations in court.

The sheriff, who seeks to defend his 40-year career, has been charged with misconduct in office, embezzlement and providing contraband to inmates. Allegations also included furnishing reserve deputies with badges and uniforms despite their lack of training. He has also been accused of passing on confiscated firearms to his friends. The investigation stems from allegations made by an inmate of Chesterfield County Jail.

The inmate claimed he had been allowed several privileges, including drinking alcohol and sleeping outside the jail. When the inmate’s mother was ill, the sheriff had flown him on his personal airplane to see her. The charges against the sheriff suggest that he carried out his duties improperly and made too many allowances for the inmates. However, his reputation as a zealous and committed law enforcement officer has left other sheriffs shocked by the charges.

Since 2010, seven of South Carolina’s sheriffs have been the subject of criminal investigations or charges. Although the sheriff in this case could choose to plead guilty, potentially avoiding jail time as many of the others did, he is prepared to fight for his career. If you are faced with a criminal charge, it is important to act quickly to protect yourself. An attorney can assist you in organizing your defense and help you to ensure that it is presented clearly and effectively.

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