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Man who crashed his car into a house is charged with DUI

When automobile accidents occur, law enforcement officials are obliged to determine the cause. If they suspect a driver has been under the influence of alcohol when an accident occurs, this can significantly impact the case and the driver’s future. A convicted individual might be fined, lose his or her license, or even face jail time.

A drunk driving arrest took place recently in South Carolina when an elderly man reportedly crashed into a house. The incident took place one Sunday afternoon on Coffee Road in Westminster. The 73-year-old driver is said to have lost control of his vehicle. His 2006 Corolla allegedly careened off the road, crashing into a house. Members of the South Carolina Highway Patrol were called to investigate the scene.

Reporting back on the incident, a lieutenant corporal of the Highway Patrol was unable to specify the level of damage done to the property by the accident. However, the elderly driver was charged on suspicion of driving under the influence. He was further charged with driving under suspension. If he is unable to prove his innocence, the legal repercussions could be severe.

In South Carolina, drunk driving arrests are required to be filmed in their entirety. Nevertheless, defending yourself against drunk driving charges can be difficult to do alone. There are several forms of evidence that might be used against you, such as breath test results and previous convictions.

A knowledgeable attorney can help you understand your rights in the face of DUI charges. By obtaining counsel to thoroughly review your case, you can give yourself the best chance of avoiding the negative repercussions that can manifest as the result of such allegations.

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