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Man in Spartanburg charged with cocaine and gun crimes

Recently, a police patrol of a motel in Spartanburg resulted in a drug arrest.

On March 6, a police patrol was being conducted in a motel area that narcotics complaints had been made in relation to. A drug-sniffing dog was part of this patrol. According to authorities, the dog alerted when conducting a drug sniff near one of the rooms of the motel.

Following this drug sniff, police broke into the room. According to authorities, when police came into the room, a 21-year-old man was in the bathroom and a bag which had crack cocaine in it was in a toilet, getting flushed down. Police then took the man out of the bathroom and retrieved the bag.

Authorities say that a loaded pistol and a couple of full magazines were found on the man.

The man was arrested and charged with unlawful carrying of a handgun, possession with intent to distribute cocaine near a school and possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

The circumstances of a drug bust can vary quite a bit. Some drug busts, like this one, involve fairly dramatic things like police charging into rooms after breaking into them. Others are a little less on the dramatic side.

Whatever the circumstances of a given drug bust were, one thing individuals who were arrested in a drug bust may wish to have a defense attorney look over are the details of the actions police took during the bust. Defense attorneys know what procedures and policies police are required to follow when making a drug bust and can look to see if police made any deviations from these rules that could have impacts on the case.

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