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DUI charge brought in relation to 3-vehicle accident

Recently, here in South Carolina, a man has been accused of getting behind the wheel while under the influence and triggering a three-vehicle accident.

The man is 60 years old. According to authorities, he was driving a motor vehicle along a road in Columbia last Friday morning. Authorities claim that the man then attempted to make a turn in front of two vehicles and that this resulted in a collision occurring between his automobile and a truck, and another vehicle eventually getting struck. The man and another individual were hurt in the accident.

Authorities claim that the 60-year-old man was under the influence when this accident occurred. The article on which reported this story did not have details regarding what specific evidence has led police to believe that the man was engaging in DUI.

In connection to the crash, charges of failure to yield the right of way and DUI have been brought against the man.

There are many different kinds of evidence that can play a significant role in DUI cases in South Carolina, including breath test evidence and videotape evidence. When it comes to evidence authorities are bringing forward in a DUI case, it can be extremely important to look carefully at the details surrounding each piece of evidence to see if there are any irregularities in the evidence itself or how it was obtained, as such irregularities can impact the admissibility of the evidence or the amount of weight it will be given. The potentially impactful nature of detailed reviews of evidence is one of the reasons why being represented by an experienced and knowledgeable attorney can be vital for DUI defendants.

Source:, “Man charged with DUI following Gervais Street crash Friday morning,” Anne-Kathryn Flanagan, March 14, 2014